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Philosophical underpinnings and other nonsense (draft one)

Neverness. The quality of timelessness and inconsequence. The state of existence upon entrance to an Event Horizon. A mental or physical state of being, undefined by its definition. A book by David Zindell. The center of the Macintosh Underground Community. We tend to prefer the final definition. (Though my research on Black Holes is really quite fascinating as well, if you'd enjoy a read.)
Neverness is the meeting place on the web for the macintosh underground. From our bulletin boards to our archives to our links to our Tracks, Neverness has been set up to provide a tight, knowledgeable and resourceful community of intelligent, knowledgeable persons interested in going outside the boundaries. As it says on our opening page, "To the creative mind, there is no right or wrong. Every action is an experiment, and every experiment yields its fruit in Knowledge." We at Neverness and our patrons live by this code. We live to no master but the pursuit, but share our findings and knowledge with each other. Neverness is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.


Actually Helpful about stuff:

Neverness is a community of mac underground intellectuals. Some hackers, some phreaks, some cryptographers, some philosophers, some idiots, some geniuses and some students (and probably, some feds). The bulletin boards are uncensored and unregulated. The archives are filled to bursting with files and texts you will find in few other places. We have we documented links to many other areas of expertise on the web. Neverness exists to fill your appetite for knowledge, and we hope you will ask questions and find answers here.
Neverness is run by a student, on his free time for no profit. We exist on our patrons support, through ad clicks and the occasional donation. Our archives are nearly 300mb, and our bandwidth requirements surpass 10gb/month. We support 5 open discussion boards for the community, a mailing list, a news board, and a multitude of smaller services. Everything on Neverness is free of charge to access, beyond the slight interruption of ads needed for our continued livelyhood. Enjoy it! And give us your feedback.Post your knowledge, share your thoughts, and utilize our resources, its what we've put so much work into.


Helping us out

How can you help us out? Well, financially, click our ads, send us a donation or send us some bandwidth :). You can also write (for more info email) articles and texts, contribute to our discussions, send us files we don't have. If you are a web master, a link would be much appreciated. We'd be delighted if you used buttons (such as this one) or banners, but any link is a great resource. Tell your friends about the site. Every veiwer is a treasure.


Anything else you need to know?

Not sure what else I could possibly tell you. If you have any questions or comments, just email them. If its a good question, it will probably be added to this writeup. Thanks for reading!


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